Prices for Services

We offer free intake services, including an online meeting to discuss the needs of your organization and the best package and pricing for you. We understand that each organization has unique goals, so our services are not one-size-fits-all but are tailored to meet you where you’re at. We are not here to talk you into anything or just collect a check. We win when you win, because our mission is to serve you and get your work funded!


1. Rewrite a fully developed existing proposal: $2,000

2. Development of new proposal: $3,500

3. Response to a Request for Proposal, Request for Applications, or Notice of Funding Availability (RFP, RFA or NOFA): $3500-$6,000 (depending on size)

4. Development of a case statement for an organization: $3,000

5. Development of a press release: $500

6. Development of an organizational brochure or annual report for an existing program: $1,000

7. Proofreading & editing (without rewriting) an existing proposal: $1,000

8. Development of a program campaign letter: $500

9. Research & provide at least 20 funding sources: $500

10. Develop a comprehensive fund-development plan for an organization: $1,500-$3,500

11. Event-planning and development: $4,500

12. Comprehensive program design: $3,500

13. Program review and development: $2,500-$3,500

14. Prospective donor follow-up and donor appreciation communications: TBD, based on size of donor base and time involved. Email for a quote on this service.

15. Newsletters, ghostwriting for books, and other services: TBD, based on scale of project and time involved. Email for a quote on these services.

16. Business development & consulting services, including but not limited to: preparing for meetings, document review, advice on land acquisition, expedited legal services to meet grant deadlines, and much more: TBD, based on scale and time involved.