About Our Team

At Access Granted Writing, we have successfully researched, developed and written award-winning proposals for under-represented and under-funded organizations and programs in the Chicago area, bringing in over $500,000 annually. We are expanding our services to agencies nationwide in 2021, with a continued focus on opening doors of funding for communities of color by providing access to resources previously out of their reach.

Access Granted Writing specializes in program design, inter-agency research, and writing proposals for organizations and individuals who have previously not had a place at the funding table. From restaurants who hire formerly-incarcerated individuals to reduce recidivism rates, to residential teen mother programs and local small businesses, we have designed programs, written award-winning grant proposals, and offered a breadth of business consulting services to increase funding and efficacy of outreach. We look forward to serving you!

Staff Areas of Expertise:

Grant Writing
Budget Planning Fundraising
Strategic Planning
Community Organizing
Project Planning

Program Design
Technical Writing
Business Consulting
Public Speaking
Editing & Copywriting

Program Development
Competitive Research
Needs Analysis
Event Management
Curriculum Development

Staff Skills & Competencies:

Event Coordination, Community Relations, Teaching, Award-Winning Grant Writing, Editing, Ghostwriting, Financial Management, Creative Writing, Journalism, African American Literature, Program Building, Budgeting, Copy Editing, Social Marketing, Copywriting, Leadership, Documentation, Personnel Management, Grant Management, Quantitative & Qualitative Research, Quantitative & Qualitative Reports, Statistical Analysis, Nonprofit Management, Operations, Corrective Actions, Performance Reviews, Quality Assurance, Quality Control Scheduling, CMS, Content Management Systems, Multicultural Sensitivity/Awareness, Non-profit Director, Networking, Blogging, Digital Media, Research, Client Relations, Inventory Management, Video Creation, Social Media Management, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Community Mobilization, Cultural Transformation, Community Organizing, Recruiting & Retention Programs, Policy Assessment, Evaluation & Metrics, Train-the-Trainer Programs, Relationship Building, Donor Relations, Budget Development.

How we are unique:

• Nonprofit & program administration experience elevates the relevancy of ourresearch work and award-winning grant writing.
• University-level teaching experience speaks to the quality of our research
methods, copywriting and editing standards.
• The clarity and precision of our writing style gives your proposal an
• Community organizing experience informs our consulting services &
knowledge of the challenges and solutions facing marginalized communities.