Responses to RFP’s


In the funding world, these acronyms are important to distinguish, as the scope of work and length of response for each can vary. An RFP is a Request for Funding Proposal and is similar to a grant proposal, though typically it is used as a tool to invite agencies to compete for funding to ensure a broad pool of applicants. An RFA is a Request for Application and is essentially a notice that an organization has funding available and is soliciting applications. An LOI is a Letter of Interest describing an organization’s program and activities while requesting materials from a funding agency. An LOI is a much shorter document than a response to an RFP, RFA, NOFA or NOFO. A NOFA is a Notice of Funding Availability, and a NOFO is a Notice of Funding Opportunity. These announcements invite applications for funding within a fiscal year or extend the due date for applications to broaden their pool of applicants.