Program Design & Development

Program Design: 

We will work with you to build a comprehensive program that clearly and effectively articulates your mission, vision, and program activities. This will show funding agencies how crucial your work is to the community and will encourage them to invest in you. Funding for nonprofits and for-profit community organizations is highly competitive, and whether we are helping you write a new program or develop an existing one, this step must be completed before a winning grant proposal can be written. We will help you articulate your program goals and objectives, develop a working annual budget, and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your organization faces. A solid program overview shows evidence of research and data assessment for the needs of the community, how your organization is an essential part of the solution to those needs, and how your program activities will produce improved outcomes for your community.

Program Development: If you are unsure whether your program documentation is sufficient for funding, we offer a free review of your program overview and can let you know if revisions or further development are needed, including a price quote for these revisions (pricing depends on the amount of time involved).